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  • Why Spectrum Home Services?

    We Do it All

    Some homeowners employ a different company for each task or repair that needs to be done around their home. With Spectrum Home Services you only need to hire one team to complete all of your interior and exterior repairs and remodels.  Our team also provides services for seniors and those who are disabled and need assistance with various daily tasks. From preparing meals to pruning bushes, Spectrum Home Services does it all.

    Friendly, Detailed Service

    At Spectrum Home Services we strive to leave no corner undusted. We pay strict attention to detail and provide quality work with a smile. Our many clients will attest to our team’s happy demeanors and pleasant personalities.

    Keeping Your Home Together So Life Can Go On

    With the busy schedules that many homeowners live today, too often little problems can become life halting catastrophes. The leaky faucet in the bathroom, if ignored and not fixed, can become a flood that could destroy thousands of dollars of property. Spectrum Home Services will help you with the little problems and the big ones.

    Yard Care Services

    One of the biggest concerns about homeownership is keeping ahead of the care and maintenance of a yard. Many hours can be spent every week in upkeep of grass, shrubs, flowers, and trees. Saving you time and energy is something we do best with our yard care services.

    Real Estate Services

    Spectrum Home Services is changing the mortgage field servicing industry. We specialize in providing exceptional service and exceeding expectations. From providing property preservation services to full remodel and repair services we have the ability to make your home look spectacular.

    Contact Us Today

    Don’t wait for your little problems to pile up or become over burdening. We are eager to help and satisfy new clients every day. If you have a problem that isn’t listed on our website don’t hesitate ask one of our friendly professionals what we can do to fix your problem.